Play the Game

Play and learn with the Obscure Cincinnati Game

Play the interactive Obscure Cincinnati Game by using your phone or computer to unlock the digital clues and photographs.  Use the guide to record your answers and to score yourself.


How to Play Along and Keep Score:

1.  Pick up a guide, or download one, and walk the route of the exhibit, starting at the CAC.  You can also play online from this website by looking at The Photographs.


2.  Guess at the locations or events shown in each of the Obscure photographs, and write each guess into your guide.  Always make a guess before reading the clues or revealing the answers.


3.  Use a QR Code reader on your Smartphone to reveal additional clues and photographs of each Obscure location.   Download a QR Code reader from the App Store or from the Play Store if you need one.  Or play online by following the hyperlinks from each of The Photographs.


4. Feel free to guess again after reading additional clues.  Be sure to make a guess before revealing the correct answer at the very bottom of each page.


5.  How to keep score:

Award yourself  3 points  if you guess correctly before reading any of the clues.

Award yourself  2 points  if you guess correctly after reading Clue #2.

Award yourself  1 point   if you guess correctly before the answer is revealed.

Add all your points together to determine an overall score.


6.  Share your score and write comments on the official J.Miles Wolf Photography Facebook page.  Or email your score and comments to


7.  Three framed prints from among the Obscure Cincinnati photographs will be given away for the best comments posted to Facebook or sent by email.  “Like” the official J. Miles Wolf Photography Facebook page or email to follow updates from the Obscure Cincinnati exhibit and learn more about future projects and photographs from J. Miles Wolf.


For students, we have a list of all the answers in alphabetical order to aid in the guessing and learning process.  Check out the Student Resources for more information.